Terms Of Service


When you use our Services, you are automatically agreeing to this terms. Please read them carefully.


This app was built in order to facilitate your life at the gym, avoiding the need for the old "paper routines", and becoming a new way to keep track of your workouts.


All the coaching and instructions prepared by your personal trainer, are strictly his responsibilities, and the correct execution of each exercise depends solely on you.


All plans, workouts, routines and exercises provided by SmartGym are illustrative only, and serve only as a form of guidance to what should be done. A properly qualified professional should always be consulted beforehand. SmartGym is not responsible for any accidents, injuries or any other damage that may occur to your health when using and performing the workouts available in the application.


The drawings and names displayed in this app serve only as a reference and do not replace the guidance of a personal trainer/teacher properly qualified. If in any doubt regarding the execution of an exercise, check personally with a professional of the area before starting.


It's really important that you warm up and stretch before starting your workout.


Use common sense: do not overdo when exercising. If you feel any kind of pain, weakness, dizziness, exhaustion, or get short breath, stop exercising immediately.


Before working out, it's important to do a medical checkup.


By doing any kind of exercises, you take all the risks inherent from it.


By agreeing to this term, you accept that SmartGym can not be held responsible under any circumstances, for injuries or any other damage that might occur to your health.


We reserve the right to modify at any time the presentation, configuration and availability of this application. The same applies to these Terms and Conditions of Use, established as a precondition for using the Service.