One of the Most Advanced Apple Watch Apps in the World

SmartGym is no baby app on the Apple Watch. It's insanely powerful and completely independent from the iPhone. It pushes the Apple Watch in a way no other app does.

Completely Independent

Once you start working out with only your Apple Watch, without any other device, there is no going back. It’s magical!

You don’t even need an active internet connection. SmartGym takes care of everything for you and will sync all your changes and workouts as soon as your Watch is back online.


See the entire list of exercises, or each one individually with more details, including instructions, sets, reps, weight, rest timer and more. All the information you need is always there for you.

Rest Timer with Haptic Feedback

Log your sets and start your rest timer. When the timer is done, a notification sound and a haptic feedback will be played to alert you that your rest is over and it’s time to move on. All this so you never get lost.

Smart Trainer

Smart Trainer is our Artificial Intelligence that is able to create personalized routines, based on your preferences and equipment you have around. It will also track your workouts, and suggest changes as you progress. All this from your wrist! No iPhone required!

Track All Your Progress

When we say that SmartGym for Apple Watch is no baby app, we really mean it! Get a summary about every workout you did on a specific month, or every time you did a specific routine. Precisely track your progress and each individual exercise. All that from your wrist and with amazing gorgeous charts.

Action Button

SmartGym leverages the Apple Watch Ultra Action Button in a truly unique way. Through intelligent background math, it predicts your next action, making this button entirely dynamic. Every time you tap it, it seamlessly guides you to the next step, whether it's starting a rest timer, logging a new set, moving to the next exercise, or even concluding your workout.

Edit Your Exercises

Need to change something? That’s fine. It's super easy to change the number of reps, weight, add an extra set, or even change your rest. All that from the Watch. And with just a few taps.


Easily add shortcuts to open the app with a single tap, access your workout charts, view your weekly workout summary, or even integrate our Siri Shortcuts, all from the Watch Face.

Smart Stacks

Access even more information within Smart Stacks on watchOS 10. SmartGym provides a wide range of options, allowing you to personalize your Stacks entirely.


Use your voice to start a workout session, go straight to a specific routine, pause or end your session, all without even tapping a button.

Still Need More Information?

If you still want to learn more about our Apple Watch app, we have a full article explaining in detail each feature. Just tap below to learn more.