Your Ultimate Workout Companion

SmartGym creates amazing workouts personalized just for you, and always gives suggestions based on your progress.

Smart Trainer

Our Artificial Intelligence creates personalized workouts that can be done at home or at the gym, based on the equipment you have, the muscles you want to target, and for how long and how often you want to work out. You also get real-time recommendations, from adjusting weights and reps to entire exercise changes.

It’s like having a Personal Trainer on your wrist or pocket.

One of the Most Advanced Apple Watch Apps in the World

Completely independent. Leave your iPhone at home, or in the bag, and it will just work. You don’t even need to be connected to the internet. It’s magical!

Track Your Progress

SmartGym helps you to precisely track all your progress. It makes it extremely easy to track your workouts, calories, heart rates, muscles, volume, reps, weight, and so much more. Achieve your fitness goals while gaining valuable insights into your performance.

Flexibility and Personalization

Over 690 exercises with animation and instructions. More than 130 pre-made workouts, carefully created by professionals. And you can even add your own custom exercises, with your own images, if you don’t find them.

What Users Are Saying

Over 29,000 5-stars reviews worldwide
Perfect Workout App

The best app for planning and executing workouts. No need for a special trainer because this app does it all. I tried a lot of other apps, and this one hands down beat them all for what I was looking to accomplish.


Hard to come up with a legit excuse for not working out when they make it this simple. Challenging, motivating, and worth the money for any experience level with whatever equipment or space you have available.

Lost 25 Pounds

SmartGym makes it so easy to learn how to use any gym equipment, including the number of sets and reps you should do. You'll gain confidence in your workout abilities and feel more comfortable creating your own routines.

Many Platforms

SmartGym is available on the Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. Change something on one device, and it automatically updates all others.